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Auto-Owners Insurance Company
Founded in 1916 and based in Lansing, MI, is a mutual insurance company. Annual premium volume is roughly $4.4 billion, putting it among the 20 largest property casualty insurance organizations in the United States.

Business Challenge  

Auto-Owners Insurance Company Associates must compete for the attention and confidence of Independant Agents while maintaning a solid reputation for quality service among individuals who may have a claim.


Auto-Owners and Dale Carnegie Traning partnered to advance Auto-Owners Associates, Independant Agents, and Family Members. Through a tuition assistance program participants are able to access Dale Carnegie Training across the United States.


Auto-Owner's strongly believes that individual growth, improved relationships and better communications lead to happier and more confident employees. Ron Simon, CEO & Chairman of the Board, states that the Dale Carnegie Training, "positively and constructively coached" their employees "towards being a more confident person," which lead to having more confident associates inspiring other associates. Having better relationship and communications skills, the organization grew stronger, more stable, and better equipped to serve customers.

"We want our associates to be confident and have an attitude of I can do this, Dale Carnegie Training is our partner in this mission."

—Ron Simon, CEO & Chairman of the Board

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