Курсът на Дейл Карнеги

Ще се научите да заздравявате междуличностните отношения, да контролирате стреса и да управлявате бързо променящите се работни условия. Ще бъдете по-добре подготвен да действате като убедителен комуникатор и като фокусиран лидер, както и да разрешавате проблеми. Ще развиете нагласа за поемане на отговорност с увереност и ентусиазъм.

Лидерски умения за мениджъри

През времето развитието в областта на лидерството е означавало различни неща. Модерният лидер знае какво означава развитието на умения, необходими за мотивацията на съвременния екип. Нужните умения могат да бъдат придобити чрез обучителна програма за лидерско развитие, което е по-малко напрягащо от принудата те да бъдат придобити на работното място. Проправяйки пътя си нагоре по стълбицата, Вие сте се сблъсквал с многобройни лидерски стилове на предходни поколения мениджъри.

Предимство в търговската дейност

Предимство при продажбите е единственият курс, който Ви предоставя критичните за осъществяването на продажба умения, тъй като той е единственият, във чийто сесии са вплетени доказаните принципи на Дейл Карнеги Тренинг.

Двудневни семинари

Силно въздействащи презентации

Независимо дали убеждавате колеги, продавате на клиент или ентусиазирете екип, в силата на Вашата презентация се крие разликата между успеха и провала.

Oнлайн обучения

Attitudes for Service

In this Live Online workshop, you will discuss taking 100% responsibility for customer service. Each time an internal or external customer comes into contact with you, your attitude is showing. You will apply Dale Carnegie principles and identify ways to maintain a friendly, low pressure and high service environment that makes customers want to come back to you in the future.
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Build a High Performing Virtual Team

What does it take to build and manage a successful virtual team? Dispersed workforces are today’s norm, and while virtual teams can be similar to traditional ones, leaders can no longer rely on only face-to-face communication and team building methods to build a productive virtual team. The digital age is changing the way we work, play, communicate and think. It is an exciting frontier that rewards those that step up to the challenge and develop new levels of competence. While it may seem difficult to keep pace with technological changes, the abundance of new, user-friendly tools actually make it easier to lead and collaborate across distance than ever before. This Live Online webinar introduces the tools, attitudes and actions leaders need to encourage maximum performance in team members.
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Building Your Power Team

Building a team can be both a challenging and productive experience when a leader has the skills to capitalize on the strengths each person brings to the team. Different generations provide diversity and bring a unique mindset, work style, and communication style. Qualifications, skills, and knowledge are definitely important; however, the ability to relate to others, establish rapport, and demonstrate a positive attitude can only be determined through an interview. Asking behavior-based questions can help you differentiate candidates and choose the right person for the team. Once each individual is hired, the first 30 days are critical to successful on-boarding, as your team will need to trust you and believe in you in order to follow you.
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Compelling Sales Presentations

This 3-hour Live Online workshop is designed for sales people who want to increase their close rates through more effective presentations. The program provides an overview and flow of a sales presentation and highlights the ideas that people need to know and practice to get started. In addition to sales presentations, it emphasizes how we should present ourselves in any situation. It is especially useful for people involved in consultative selling.

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Cross and Up Selling

Cross-selling and up-selling create value for both you and your customers. Opportunities to help guide customers to make better buying decisions arise when you ask the right questions, make appropriate suggestions, and present options in a manner that does not seem pushy.

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Cultivate Power without Being Intimidating

Part of successful organizational leadership is having the ability to assert the power of your position without intimidating others to the point where they are hesitant to take initiative. For staff members to respect you, they need to feel that you are approachable and able to keep your emotions in check. By applying Dale Carnegie’s principles, and by gaining the willing cooperation of others, you become a catalyst for beneficial outcomes for your colleagues, customers, and yourself.
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Goal Setting and Accountability

Successful leaders and managers take an active role in goal setting and hold their people accountable. But doing so in a supportive way is critical for the members of the team to feel that what they do makes a difference, keep engagement levels high, and ultimately achieve optimal results. This two-hour Live Online workshop will help you instill in your team the importance of individual, team, and development goals, and create a culture of high performance. You will learn tips to build employee engagement that drives positive outcomes, and best practices for holding individuals and teams accountable to the agreed upon goals.

How to Present Online

Successful organizations today must communicate quickly and effectively across geographic boundaries. Presenting online is often the best solution to get information and training to the people who need it most, when they need it. If you are tasked to be the next online presenter in your organization, this session will help you shine!
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Kickoff to the Dale Carnegie Live Online Experience

Our online learning environment is designed to be engaging, interesting, informative, and above all, interactive. We want your experience to be great, so that you can apply useful Dale Carnegie principles in your work and personal life. This FREE, 30-minute, interactive session introduces you to the Live Online experience, tests your audio connection, and teaches you how to use the many learning tools used in Dale Carnegie Digital webinars, workshops, and seminars.
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Leading Virtual Teams

TWO SESSION WORKSHOP - Overall, virtual teams are very similar to traditional face-to-face teams. After all, people are people. We may communicate today with different tools and greater speed, but Dale Carnegie’s advice on how to communicate, lead and work efficiently remains priceless across the ages. This two-session Live Online workshop will help equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead virtual teams to new levels of effectiveness.
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Managing Customer Expectations

It is a simple truth: customers continue to do business with organizations that deliver on what they promise and who have treated them fairly. You have far more potential to develop long lasting relationships and future business success by managing customer expectations in a consistent way. Acquire the tips you need to set, monitor, and influence customer expectations for greater business impact.
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Marshall Goldsmith - What Got You Here Won't Get You There

TWO-SESSION WORKSHOP -- Dale Carnegie Digital® is excited to partner with Marshall Goldsmith to make one of the most effective management development methodologies accessible, convenient, live and online! Experience the merging of our world-renowned training and that of leadership development expert, executive coach and author, Marshall Goldsmith from his New York Times best seller and Wall Street Journal #1 business book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

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Outstanding Customer Service

In this interactive, one-hour webinar, you will be given a simple yet effective eight-step process for resolving complaints, as well as some key guidelines to follow in dealing with challenging customers. You will also learn the five approaches to engage customers and build loyalty, and a useful process for gaining customer referrals without being pushy or aggressive.

Overcoming Workplace Negativity with Enthusiasm

Negative attitudes spread to the point where they eventually affect performance and decision-making. That's the bad news. The good news is that enthusiasm and positive attitudes spread just as quickly and affect performance just as much -- in the right direction.
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Performance Reviews That Motivate

An effective performance review can be an opportunity for honest, open conversation about positive and negative results. It can inspire and engage people when it is focused on plans for the future. By setting expectations and helping associates to create achievable targets well in advance, then coaching and providing adequate feedback throughout the year, performance management becomes part of the culture rather than a dreaded annual event.
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Presentations that Influence People - On Demand

Presentations that Influence People is a powerful online program designed to walk you through how to create a complete presentation online from concept to printout! A certified Dale Carnegie Trainer teaches you by video in segments while you plan your successful presentation. You will build your presentation while you take the course, then print it when you are finished, in 1 hour or less!
When you order this program you will get one full year of on-demand access to the course, allowing you to repeat it at your convenience, and access your notes at any time! You will receive your username and password in a separate e-mail within 24 hours of purchasing this course.

Secrets of Motivation

Teams come in many forms, but whether you’re part of a business, community, technical, creative or even temporary team, using the Dale Carnegie Human Relation Principles and a proven method for recognition and appreciation will energize everyone’s performance! You’ll learn to apply these principles to build trust, identify opportunities, recognize potential, and express appreciation to inspire commitment and innovation in your workplace.
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Successful Public Speaking (+ On-Demand Bonus)

Successful Public Speaking uses the foolproof methods of Dale Carnegie to turn the participant from a nervous novice into a confident presenter. Dale Carnegie believed that public speaking is a skill to be learned, not an inborn trait. He validated that belief year after year by turning out the most accomplished speakers in the world. In this session, participants will learn the very same skills that Dale Carnegie himself used to create generations of politicians, community leaders, and successful business people.
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Succession Planning for You and Your Managers

Many leaders in key positions are becoming eligible for retirement. There is a great sense of urgency to proactively plan to replace a key talent. The expense and risk associated with bringing in candidates from the outside is high. Compounding this problem, the supply of job-ready replacement candidates is often limited. As HR professionals or managers, if you’re unsure where to begin, or are looking for a fresh approach to speed up the process, this webinar can help.  

Time Management

FOUR-SESSION SEMINAR -- This seminar offers practical techniques to help you focus on results, not tasks. Undo destructive habits and consciously choose to establish healthy, productive habits that yield long term benefits. You'll learn how to lock out mental distractions so that you can eliminate time wasters and concentrate on your priorities.
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Unleash the Power of Mentoring In your Organization

A mentor provides professional advice and support. He or she willingly shares knowledge, experience and often personal and professional network contacts. Successful mentoring can help less experienced individuals navigate away from costly mistakes. For a mentor, the relationship provides an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and the satisfaction from guiding others to professional success. In this two-hour Live Online workshop, learn what it takes to make the launch of your program successful and avoid the challenges that often derail organizational initiatives
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Virtual Meetings that Engage

In this fast paced, interactive webinar you'll learn to use activities to energize your next online meeting. This webinar will help identify what's unique about running an online meeting and what's needed to make it an interactive experience.

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В днешния забързан бизнес свят от ръководителите се очаква да правят повече и с по-малко ресурси. По-важно от всякога за мениджърите е да делегират проектите и задачите. Процесът на делегиране не е толкова лесен, колкото звучи. Той включва няколко стъпки, които намаляват грешките и изграждат увереност и отговорност.

Как да общуваме с дипломатичност и такт - онлайн обучение

Срещали ли сте някога хора, които винаги знаят какво да кажат и по какъв начин във всяка ситуация? Те знаят как да общуват с дипломатичност, такт и увереност. Вече и Вие можете да придобиете същите умения в този нов семинар. Развийте уменията, от които се нуждаете за са намирате подход към всички хора – директно от компютъра на бюрото си!

Как да печелим приятели и да влияем на останалите – Oнлайн обучение

Същността на бизнеса може и да се е променила драматично и да продължава да се променя, но въпреки това основните принципи на човешки взаимоотношения, са останали същите. Предвид промените в съвременния бизнес свят, човечността от неговото преподаване е по-важна от всякога. В интерес на истината, има нарастваща тенденция в бизнес обкръжението за преминаване от “първо аз”към по-приятната атмосфера на “деликатността Базирано на класическите принципи от неговата методика в Как да спечелим приятели и да влияем на останалите , това онлайн обучение ще Ви покаже начините за постигане на по-висша междуличностна ефективност. Ще се научите как да изразявате идеите си, по начин по който да бъдат чути и да Ви помогнат бъдете мотивирани от мениджъри, колеги, служители и клиенти.

Крачка към лидерството

"Кажете ми, какво да направя и аз ще го направя за да защитя работата си." " Накарайте ме да искам да го направя и аз ще го направя по най-добрия начин, според възможностите ми.." Супервайзорите, които разбират простичката истина и знаят как да я приложат, са тези, които оставят следа в днешните организации. Успешните мениджъри развиват високо-ефективни мениджъри, които постигат резултати , защото знаят как да водят екипите си, а не просто да ги ръководят.

Справяне със стреса на работното място

Днес списъкът с нещата, които създават стрес, става все по-дълъг със всяка изминала минута. Хората реагират различно на стрес. Някои стават агресивни, други – пасивни, а някои просто се изключват от заобикалящия ги свят. Независимо от своята реакция, обаче, резултатите са едни и същи – личната и организационна продуктивност са сведени до нула, креативността умира, а мотивацията се изпарява.

Уверени и себеотстояващи: Развиване на нагласи за лидерство – Oнлайн семинар

Вече можете да научите как да се доберете до скритата си сила, да освободите вътрешните си нагласа за увереност и ентусиазъм и изградите своя образ в организацията, Уверени и себеотстояващи: Развиване на нагласи за лидерство


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